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Get teachers


liss.getTeachers(auth, asAtDate)


auth: See authentication

asAtDate: See get students


An array of struct’s. Each struct is defined as follows:

TeacherIdstring (primary key, i.e. mandatory)A unique alphanumeric identifier. Is not intended to be memorised by users. Maximum 20 chars.T621134
TeacherCodestringA unique mnemonic code for the teacher. Unlike ‘id’, this field is intended to be memorised by users. Timetabling system users need very short, but still memorable identifiers for teachers. Timetabling systems often use the mnemonic codes as the main unique teacher identifier.
If you don’t have mnemonic codes, either omit this field or send a blank string.
Maximum 20 chars.
TitlestringMr, Mrs etc.Mr
FirstNamestring mandatoryCollins, John
Surnamestring mandatoryCollins
PreferredNamestringUsed when different from the FirstName, otherwise this field can be omitted.John
DisplayNamestringUsually omits the title.John Collins
FacultystringThe management group of the teacher.English
StaffTypestringOne of these values: Permanent, FullTime, Casual.FullTime
GenderstringM or FM
DaysAvailablestringIf this field is missing, then the teacher is assumed to be available all days.Otherwise it’s a comma-separated string of 3-letter weekday names.Wed,Thu,Fri
EmailstringThe teacher's email address. Only a single email address is
PhonestringThe teacher's mobile phone number. Can contain punctuation e.g. spaces or brackets, but with punctuation removed it should be a number that you can SMS to.0418 123456
GuidstringTeacher guid, also known as UUID. 32 hexadecimal characters. They might be uppercase or lowercase, but we require that they do not contain punctuation.E523D....76348


  • TeacherId is the primary key – that is, it is mandatory and unique. If a record arrives where the TeacherId matches a record in the timetabling system but the MnemonicCode is different, then the MnemonicCode will be updated in the timetabling system to the value given in this call.
  • Each call to liss.getTeachers() will return the full database of teachers employed by the school at the requested date. Therefore the satellite system should delete from its database any teacher which is not found in the returned array.
  • Satellite system vendors should consider whether they should disable the creation or deletion of teachers in their own screens in installations which are using LISS.



"method": "liss.getTeachers",
"params": [
"School": "03014",
"UserName": "Jsmith",
"Password": "Password1",
"LissVersion": 10002,
"UserAgent": "Edval"
"id": 0


"result": [
"TeacherId": "T621134",
"TeacherCode": "JCO",
"Title": "Mr",
"FirstName": "Collins, John",
"Surname": "Collins",
"PreferredName": "John",
"DisplayName": "John Collins",
"Faculty": "English",
"StaffType": "FullTime",
"Gender": "M",
"DaysAvailable": "Wed,Thu,Fri",
"Email": "",
"Phone": "0418 123456",
"Guid": "A2744A55ED7449A98BCE80703DECC9E4"
"id": 0