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Publish bell times

This call publishes the structure of the teaching cycle, including what the bell times are on each cyclical day, how many days in the cycle, what is the name of each teaching period and where do the non-teaching timeslots appear.


liss.publishBellTimes(auth, TtStructure, periods)


auth: See authentication

TtStructure: Obsolete. (The 'TtStructure' is now sent as a property on rows). Please send an empty string.

periods: An array of structs, as defined below. Each struct represents a single ‘cyclical timeslot’, where a cyclical timeslot can be a teaching period such as "Mon Week A period 1" or something else such as recess or lunch or roll-call or “a before-school teaching period”, and so on:

DayNumberintegerThe index of the day in the cycle, starting at 1.1
DayNamestringThe name of the day in the cycle.MonA
PeriodstringThe name of the period. Typically, teaching periods have numeric identifiers and recess/ Lunch 1/ Lunch 2/Before school/After school periods have alphanumeric identifiers1 L2 6
TtStructurestringThis refers to a "period structure" object and matches the equivalent field in liss.publishClasses(). This field is often omitted because many schools only have a single period structure. (Old versions of one product used 'Campus' as an undocumented feature for the same concept).Secondary
StartTimestringThe time the period starts in HH:MM format. Note – this is not a timestamp.9:30
EndTimestringThe time the period starts in HH:MM format. Note – this is not a timestamp.10:55
TypestringThe type of period. A single letter, one of:
T: Teaching period
L: recess or lunch
O: Out-of-timetable teaching period, i.e. before-school or after-school
R: Roll-call
S: Sport
X: Other


Nothing - an empty string "". If anything other than an error is returned it should be ignored. For error reporting see fault codes.


  • Each call to this function will delete whatever bell-times data previously existed.



"method": "liss.publishBellTimes",
"params": [
"School": "03014",
"UserName": "Jsmith",
"Password": "Password1",
"LissVersion": 10002,
"UserAgent": "Edval"
"DayNumber": 1,
"DayName": "MonA",
"Period": "1",
"TtStructure": "Secondary",
"StartTime": "9:30",
"EndTime": "10:55",
"Type": "T"
"id": 0


"result": "",
"id": 0