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Courses versus timetabled classes

See Terminology.

SIS’s typically deal primarily with Course’s, and TTS’s typically deal primarily with Class’s.

In LISS, class identifiers will be in the form of a string consisting of 2 parts: “Course” and “Class identifier”, with a single space separating them. Neither the course code nor the class code may contain spaces. For example: 7MAT 1 or 12MATE 1. The class identifier can be alphanumeric. The TTS and SIS do not need to store or display class codes in this particular notation, they merely need to be able to construct or parse it for the purposes of LISS.

ClassCode values can have at most 20 characters including the space. In addition, the class identifier must be no more than 10 characters. For example, this is a valid LISS ClassCode: DUTY BusLinesPm, but this is not: DUTY BusLines_Pm.