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LISS is based on JSON-RPC (previously XmlRpc), sent over HTTPS. The SIS is always the server, and the satellite systems are always the client, meaning that connections are always initiated by the satellite systems and query/publish actions are always initiated by the satellite systems. However, data can flow both ways. The satellite systems can be non-web-based and can be offline, whereas the SIS should always be online.

For example, if the satellite system wants to download a list of all students for a particular school, it makes a request to download all students. If the satellite system wishes to publish timetabling data, it makes an HTTP “request” to publish timetabling data. A subscribe model is not used and there is no way for the SIS to pull data from the satellite system.

In some cases, LISS will be deployed in a non-traditional way, such as:

  • Timetabling software connecting to attendance software
  • A SIS connecting to another SIS
  • A school-based SIS connecting to a district (enterprise) system

In these cases, one of the systems will take on the role of the SIS and the other will act as the “satellite” system, depending on which one you want to be the server.