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Compliance requirements

There is no formal compliance process for LISS. Instead a company should demonstrate to its customers that it has implemented the functions expected of a system of its type.

In the case of a timetabling system, the minimum is (as the client):

  • liss.publishTimetable
  • liss.publishClasses

In the case of an SIS, the minimum is (as the server):

  • liss.getStudents
  • liss.getTeachers
  • liss.getRooms
  • liss.publishClasses
  • liss.publishTimetable
  • liss.publishClassMemberships

If a client calls an unimplemented function, the server should return a suitable JSON (or XmlRpc) error message or an empty string (i.e. as a stub implementation) rather than an HTML error because it is difficult for the LISS client to turn the HTML error into a readable error message.