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SISStudent Information System
ClassA timetabled class, such as "Mrs Henderson's Yr 7 Maths class". Represented by a code which combines the course and class identifier, such as: 7MAT1
CourseA course or subject in a particular year-level, such as "Yr 7 Maths" or "Yr12 Maths Standard".
Class identifierAlso known as "class number", this is used to distinguish the different classes belonging to one course.
Cyclical LessonA {class, teacher, room, period, day} tuple representing a repeating lesson, e.g. the "7MATA Monday period 1 lesson".
TimetableStructureA field attached to a cyclical lesson identifying what academic year it is associated with, and if a school has different bell-times for different parts of the school, which part of the school it is associated with. A TimetableStructure object has 1 or more Term objects.